What You Will Learn

  • Tax Education

    We will help you learn the ins and outs of taxation as pertaining to your unique situation so that you can maximize the benefits that you may be missing.

  • Tax Deductions

    We will help you identify the key deductions to focus on specific to your business and how to enter them properly for Audit Proof Record Keeping.

  • Financial Planning

    We will help you learn the foundation of financial planning and show you how a good financial plan includes a tax plan as well.


James Hall

Senior Professional Tax Preparer

James is the Co-Owner and Co-Founder of J & C Financial Services, LLC, tax preparation and consulting firm servicing clients in 20+ states. He has been teaching tax strategies since 2015 and began his company founded on educating taxpayers on how to efficiently tax plan and run tax strategies for their business and personal households. His firm takes taxes to another level teaching that since taxes come out of one's check or is paid quarterly, tax time should be Year Round.

Social proof: testimonials

“This course was outstanding. I think this is taking the understanding of taxes to the next level. Being able to work with James and his team to not only file my taxes, and conduct quarterly tax consults. We are also learning more about the importance of taxes and how it all works along the way! ”

Nick Woodard

“Excellent Course. Simple and straight to the point. Very educational. The instructor is very proficient in the tax laws which makes it very helpful to tax plan. ”

Quartina Trafford

“I Enjoyed the Class”

Andre Alexander JR

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